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Icasa extends deadline for LTE bids. Cell C joins Zain s One Network. Cell C profit up, reduces debt. Cellcos agree on MTRs. MTN, Vodacom reach interconnectivity agreement.

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Cell C reports rising revenues. It Woza successful half year for Cell C.

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Cell C reports first ever annual profit. Telkom applies for mobile licence. Oger makes offer for Telkom. Cell C says weekend offer boosts take-up. Vivendi talks to Oger about becoming a giant. Cell C profits climb. MTN guilty of price discrimination Commission says. Virgin passes , milestone. Cell C upgrades messaging systems. MNP procrastination? Virgin opens up. Cell C and Virgin Mobile deal expected this month.

Cellcos team up to combat phone thieves. Cell C becomes positive. Christmas traffic on the increase.

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Vodacom still top dog, but MTN winning the profitability race. Every week something you don t want to miss.

The top mobile phone deals right now:

Subscribe now! Staying in touch while on holiday or business in South Africa SA is far less complicated and expensive than it used to be, but, nonetheless, those unfamiliar with the local system and networks may still find keeping connected somewhat confusing. Buying a local prepaid SIM card, inserting it into your mobile or Internet device and operating on a top-up basis is one of the easiest and most convenient options your phone must just be unlocked — check with your local service provider to make sure this is the case.

Especially ideal for those who return to SA multiple times per year like business people , this alternative allows you to keep your number forever as well as use your OWN phone with all your crazy apps, annoying ringtones and important contacts. Well, the day has finally arrived for Apple fans. We are quite happy to see that many of the vendors have stepped with earlier hours on launch day, and needless to say lines have formed in front of the relevant stores.

For example, here is Vodaworld in Midrand this morning:. First up is MTN, who seems to have pretty aggressive pricing, with decent data bundles compared to previous years:. The company was founded in November and they now have more than 13 million customers. There are hundreds of Cell C stores throughout SA and they offer a wide variety of products including voice, data and messaging services.

In , Cell C was the first mobile network in SA to launch a 99c flat rate for both their post-paid and pre-paid customers, as well as for International calls to a total of 50 different destinations. What makes this deal so special is that this flat rate offer applies to any network at any time of the day. In , Cell C rebranded and repositioned themselves and their standing in the market. They endeavour to put the customer at the centre of everything they do and transform their lifestyles and livelihood via mobile communications. Prices inclusive of VAT.

Ask in store for more details. Out-of-bundle data rates: Pinnacle - R0. Microsoft has changed its default removal policy for…. FNB on Monday announced a new feature on its banking app that allows its customers to shop within its app.

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In addition to banking,…. Last November, Cisco launched a Rmillion incubation centre in Pretoria.

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  • Shopping for technology is an even bigger nightmare than clothes. Earlier this year, its facial unlock system was…. In the early 20th century, cars were seen as mere tools for travel. Recharge online with airtime, data bundles and more. We also offer cell phone contract comparisons of Virgin Mobile and Telkom Mobile.

    CompareGuru offers the best cell phone contracts available in South Africa. We will save you time and money by showing the latest cell phone contracts on offer averaging for 24 months. All the South African iPhone 5s and 5c deals and prices in one place Today is iPhone release day in South Africa and for all of you heading out to get yourself one of Apples latest handsets we have an exciting spreadsheet for you. Your iTunes connected laptopdesktop needs to have an internet connection in order for it to automatically load your settings to your iPhone.

    Cheapest iPhone 5s, 5c deals in South Africa. It should be noted that Cell C has not released its iPhone cell c iphone 5c deals south africa Compare Cell Phone Contracts has 1 goal, and that is to help you find the most suitable cell phone contracts in South Africa. We do this by letting you search for and compare cell phone contracts from all of the cellular networks in South Africa. Home Cell c iphone 5c deals south africa. Modems and Routers.

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    Cash Deals. Contract Info. At some point in the next few months my cellphone contract will expire and I will be free of the shackles of contractual obligations and able to forage for the best cellular deal on the market. Even though I have brief intellectual flirtation with the idea of switching to an Android phone or even a Windows Mobile device the reality is that I am far too deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem to really want to switch.

    Add to compare. Activation method: Cell C. View Offer. From R Holds smart phones in place in cars, perfectly suitable for 3. View 4 Offers. More Great Offers. Choice 1: View 2 Offers. To Recharge: View 3 Offers. But if you re canny, you can still get a good deal for your outlay. One of the best ways to do that is to look out for any sweeteners or customer incentives that are included in the contract.

    That might be everything from O2 s Priority loyalty scheme or Three s excellent worldwide inclusive roaming policy, Go Roam. Timing is a major factor when it comes to getting the best iPhone deal for you money, too.

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    Naturally, when a new iPhone comes out, you ll pay a premium price for it. But the longer it s on sale, the more prices drop. Especially with networks time-limited so-called flash sales , when a carrier might waive an upfront charge on select iPhone contracts for a very short window. If you re not too bothered about owning the most up-to-the-minute iPhone, perhaps the best period to buy an existing model is in the few months before new iPhone is due out.

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    DealOfTheWeek is here! These folks are not newcomers to the kiosk business. It was founded by the same Coinstar group that created Redbox, but split out in It also owns the popular online trade-in site Gazelle , which is profiled above.

    here The best aspect of ecoATM is its instant payment. There's no shipping, no packing, no waiting for payment, no wondering if it will agree with your representation of your device's condition. Just place the phone in the machine, follow the directions, and if you like the amount it offers, cash is handed back to you. Support and security are also quite good, with a view towards preventing stolen phones and telephone support for sellers with any questions.

    If you want to sell your iPhone and only your iPhone to a company with a fun tag line, GadgetGone is for you. The site has "Goodbye iPhone. Hello Moola" plastered on the front page, just in case you didn't understand what it does.

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    It claims to take items other than iPhones, but its online estimator only works for iPhones. You have to email to find out what else it's interested in. The company pays by check and PayPal, but also will pay you using a "printable echeck. I like the company's "two days to payment" policy, but GadgetGone stumbles on its lack of security practices and price offer guarantees. It also provides no clear method for phone support, and, actually, offers almost no background on the company itself. If you dig deep in its menu system, you will find Samsung and Google phones listed for trade-in at igotoffer , but this is mostly an Apple-branded trade-in shop.

    Its deals aren't bad for Macs. There also appears to be no telephone support. If you do want to trade in your iPhone, the company will email you a prepaid shipping label you can print out. That's workable, but I prefer the full shipping kit with a box designed to protect your device. Most of what ItsWorthMore accepts are Apple products, but the company also lists Android devices and some other laptops and tablets. The company provides a day offer quote guarantee and a prepaid shipping label, and it pledges to pay within three business days.

    It also provides phone support. ItsWorthMore pays by check and PayPal, but here's a kicker. If you ask for payment via PayPal, the company deducts 3 percent to cover its PayPal fees. It's a little too nickel-and-dime for our tastes and makes us wonder whether it'll be generous in its final payment determinations or be just a little too cheap. If you use this service , let us know how it did from quote to final payment in the comments below.

    It will even accept some portable audio devices. The company does not send a shipping kit, but will let you download a prepaid shipping label you can print out. It also offers a security wipe and phone support. Payment is available via either check or PayPal. Payment ranges from five to 12 days, and the company does offer a limited number of walk-in locations where you can make your sale.

    In addition to the typical things most of the trade-in buyers will accept, uSell will buy game consoles, textbooks and gift cards. As someone who has gotten his fair share of gift cards from clothing stores he will never voluntarily set foot into, I can see the value in trading those in for something useful with a circuit board inside.

    I was disappointed that the company didn't specify a quote validity time period, offer a security wipe or a phone support number. YouRenew has a pretty sophisticated search option, which allows you to type in a make and model of something you want to trade in, and see if there's something there. While "play" didn't result in any PlayStation trade-in options, "kindle" brought up Kindle trade-in options, and "mini" brought up Mac Mini trade-in options.

    YouRenew will send a prepaid shipping label to US-based sellers only, and pays by check. While the company didn't specify how long its quotes are valid for or how long it will take to get paid, YouRenew does accept bulk trade-in offers for those with many devices to clear out of inventory. When looking for value from your old phone, there are four types of organizations you can work with: retailers, buyers, marketplaces and carriers.

    The characteristics of each are quite different:. In many cases, you can walk into the retailer, hand over your old phone and walk out with a new one, with a healthy discount applied. Many of these retailers won't just give you money for your old phone. They want the deal for your new business, so keep that in mind. Some also offer online trade-ins. They generally won't force you to buy a new device from them although expect some deal sweeteners if you go that way.

    Some of them will send you packaging to send your device back to them. This is the group I look at in this guide because they generally send you real money in return for your device, which means you're free to buy anything you want once you get your green. Here, you're often dealing directly with individual buyers or bulk buyers who are scooping up phones for other markets. Keep in mind that there is substantially more risk when selling to individuals than companies with known reputations.

    Keep those concepts in mind as you look for the best deal for your device. Our trade-in service rankings are based on 25 factors including a snapshot price at the time of the article, time to pay, how long a quote is valid, the types of devices you can trade in, and support offers, among others.

    Best laptops for college students : We've got an affordable laptop for every student. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission.

    Visit Decluttr. Visit Gazelle. Visit Amazon Trade-In. Visit Apple Trade-In. Visit MyPhones Unlimited. Visit BuyBack World. Visit ecoATM. Visit GadgetGone. Visit Igotoffer. Visit ItsWorthMore.