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Oil Change Derry

Drive On. Free Oil Top Ups! Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle.

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Plus — get free oil top ups in-between oil changes as needed! Need a new pair of wiper blades after a tough winter?

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Automatic Transmission Service. Battery Diagnostic Service. Battery Replacement. Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. First Prev. They havent't changed, their always trying to get you on something extra. You know there is something fishy when they give you an estimate going in for an oil change.

Self serve auto shop near me

Why do I need an estimate? All I want is an oil change. Went recently to my local Walmart with the new Mr Lube and I had a horrible experience.

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So, I sign-up my car, which took a good 20 minutes and I gave him the coupon and asked if I could have the gift card now since I could go to the in-store McDonald's to have lunch with my kids. The guy said, sorry, it's only after you pay, OK fine, understood. Came back after the 1. Coupon: FREE Wiper Blades with Oil Change

I waited another 30 minutes, because of new client sign-ins and other pickups. When I finally went through, a new employee pulled up my paperwork and keys with my car still in the garage. I told him up to put it back. So I asked for the gift card, "Oh sorry sir, we ran out of the gift cards a long time ago, it was a limited quantity promotion.

Lauderdale, FL.

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Charles, IL. Stripped Oil Plug or Filter. Cloud, MN. Flush Destroys Transmission Twice to the Cleaners. Leaking Fuel Upon Departure. No Oil In Engine. Stripped Plug. Indexed by State.

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