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Family and Entertaining Keeping up with family life, including kids, weddings, pets, entertaining, DIY and cheap family fun. Home and Garden How to buy, sell, rent or maintain a home, plus advice on mortgages, home improvement and gardening. Red Robin's Tavern Double Menu was their solution to bringing customers in who might feel that hamburger prices were simply spiraling out of control. It's a good deal The problem arose when people began opting to order the cheaper burgers more often than not. Orders of the Double Tavern burgers jumped from nine percent of orders to 15 percent and eventually contributed to a drop in the average check price and 2.

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Juicy burgers with piled on toppings served promptly at a fair price will always be good for a restaurant's business. When there's a chance that those burgers come with a side of food poisoning, well, business seems to dry up worse than a well-done beef patty.

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Just ask Jack in the Box about their E. It cost the company millions and took years for them to earn back the public's trust. Following the Jack in the Box burger nightmare, Red Robin started asking customers exactly how they would like their burgers cooked. In the past, every burger was cooked medium rare, unless the customer specified otherwise.

In , Red Robin was facing down its own health scare when news broke that an employee in Missouri potentially exposed 5, people to Hepatitis A. Red Robin caught a lucky break that the disease didn't spread to any customers, but the close call still did some damage. Red Robin's health scare may not have resulted in any children dying, but hepatitis headlines definitely aren't the sort of press any restaurant wants associated with its food.

If you hadn't noticed, the fast-casual restaurant trend is on the rise and everyone from fast food restaurants like McDonald's to sit-down places are trying to jump on the bandwagon.

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Red Robin is no different and in attempted to stake its own claim in the fast-casual marketplace by launching a fast-casual offshoot called Burger Works. Y'know, just in case a regular Red Robin was a little too fancy for some customers. The burgers were a little cheaper and the restaurants a little smaller, but unfortunately for Red Robin — so were the profits. The concept was launched to compete with other fast casual chains like Five Guys and Smashburger, but the new concept wasn't able to differentiate itself enough from a traditional Red Robin, according to a company spokesperson.

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The story of Burger Works came to a close with some locations eventually being renamed Red Robin Express. Red Robin may be getting high praise from customers for its burgers, but it hasn't always gotten kudos from its employees.

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At least not at several Pennsylvania locations, anyway. The lawsuit claimed that over the course of almost two years, the Red Robin restaurants were in violation of federal wage law because they required servers to share tips with kitchen workers who were being illegally paid less than minimum wage. LVR Group made a bid to have the case dismissed but the request was rejected because Red Robin couldn't properly show that kitchen workers were covered by the tip credit provision.

The suit may have only involved a certain market for Red Robin, but it's also the sort of bad press that very well may send burger-lovers in the Pennsylvania market or beyond looking for other dining options. As we've laid out, the past several years have been a bit of a two steps forward, three steps back ride for Red Robin. Even when the chain recognized its problems, Red Robin seemed to struggle when it came to nailing the rebound.

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Same-store sales weren't great for Red Robin in the first half of , but they only got worse as the year came to a close and the company ended the year with sales continuing downward. When sales continue to drop not just in one restaurant but across the board, expanding into other markets isn't exactly a smart idea. And for that very reason Red Robin ended by halting any plans to open new restaurants. Post said that the company's efforts in would be "centered on markets" where several Red Robin restaurants already exist.

That definitely seems like a wise game plan for Red Robin, but the question is, what will that refocused energy look like? Red Robin knows they have a few wrinkles to iron out. In August , the company said that they would be putting their hosts through new training and increasing staff to help with quicker table turnover. While this didn't translate to an immediate comeback for Red Robin, they haven't given up hope either.

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Post said the changes put into effect that also included more limited time-only burgers were yielding positive results, but there's more to the equation if they want to continue regaining their momentum from years ago. The burger chain is attempting to tackle its long wait times by giving its servers "handheld devices" to relay orders to the kitchen. The offer is available to customers who dine-in only, so be sure to bring the entire family in to enjoy a great meal at a discount on Wednesdays. With this deal, kids can order cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese and other meals, all for less than two bucks. Red Robin. Red Robin has some deals for the adults out there, too. Yes, bottomless.

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